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Homesteading and Holistic Living for Special Needs Families **TOP 2% of Podcasts in the World** Do you want to switch to more natural products in your home, but every time you try to, you end up feeling overwhelmed by all the options and information out there, so you just give up? Wanting to have a garden to grow food for your family, but you don’t have the time to research how to get started? Does it feel like your dreams of homesteading and holistic living will never happen because of the extra cost it would take? Feel like if you can’t do this whole natural living thing perfectly, there’s no point at all in even trying? Welcome, friend! This podcast is going to help you learn how to work towards your dream for homesteading, gardening, and holistic living in small, simple steps that WON’T overwhelm you. Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a wife, Jesus follower, and Mom to some amazing kids. As I began having children, we quickly realized that several of our kids had some special needs. This sent me on a journey of nonstop research and countless hours of trying to figure out ways that I could make changes to our lifestyle to help my children thrive, despite the challenges. I was so stressed out, feeling like I needed to change everything at one time. I was keeping up with therapies, dietary changes, communication challenges, while also trying to implement this holistic lifestyle, and I was BURNT OUT. I finally realized that this all-or-nothing mentality was keeping me paralyzed from actually making real, lasting, progress on my goal for helping my kids. I had to decide to start making one small change at a time, then build from there. It was a process of learning to let go and rest in Jesus, to learn that even if I couldn’t get rid of all of the toxins in our home, or only give my family organic food, Jesus had me on this journey to better health for my family and I had to do it in a way that was sustainable as a busy Mom caring for my neurodiverse kids. And you know what? Because I was willing to slow down and take small intentional steps towards changing our food, growing a garden, switching to natural products, and learning how to prepare holistic remedies for my family, it meant that over the years this has just become a way of life for my family. Without stress, or overwhelm, or constantly feeling like I wasn’t doing enough. I’ve learned to walk this holistic journey in a way that works for me AND my family. If you’re ready to hear from another Mama who understands the extra challenges we face every day while parenting our kids with special needs, who can come alongside you on this journey, showing you how to take simple steps towards better health for your family, then this is the podcast for you! Pop in your earbuds, reheat your coffee for the third time and let’s do this! Connect with me: Email: hello@ashleybraden.com Free Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/specialkindofmotherhood

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7 days ago

Hey friends,
Do you have a dream of starting a garden, but you just can't justify to extra expenses to do it? I know as I began growing my own food, the upfront cost really prevented me from doing everything that I wanted to. As someone who LOVES to find a good bargain, I became determined to find a way to expand my garden while not blowing the budget. I had to get really creative and thrifty with starting my garden and today want to share with you 6 tips I've used over the years to do just that! 

Monday May 13, 2024

Hey friends,
Being a mom is amazing. It's honestly the most rewarding thing I've ever done...and also the most challenging. If you find yourself at a point in life where self-care is nonexistent, you're feeling more irritable than you would like, and the joy of motherhood seems to be gone, then I want you to stop what you're doing now and listen as my guest, Katie Keene, shares QUICK and simple ways you can begin to take care of yourself again. 
We aren't talking hour-long hot baths and spa days here. I get it, most of us aren't in a stage of life where that kind of self-care is even possible. Katie and I are both busy moms with full lives and we want to share with you how you can begin to care for yourself in 5 minutes or less! 
Sip of Delight
Her Home and Heart

Monday May 06, 2024

Hey Mamas,
Maybe you're just getting started on this journey of creating a healthier lifestyle for your family and you want to find healthier options for your personal care and cleaning products, but the LONG list of ingredients is SO overwhelming to you. You may feel like you don't know where to start so instead you give up and use the same (toxic) products....and then you feel guilty that you can't seem to get this figured out...what a vicious cycle. 
Doesn't this sound ALL too familiar? I've been there a time or two and I want you to come hang out with me on the podcast today where I will share 5 (basic) ingredients you can avoid to have healthier products in your home. 
If you find yourself frequently in information overload when it comes to holistic living, I've got your back with this one...we are going to break that cycle of feeling paralyzed and take action today! 
EP 72 - Low-Tox Cleaning
Facebook Community

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Hey Mamas, 
Are you looking to grow some nutritious food for your family?
Sweet potatoes are a favorite in my house and I love growing them in my backyard garden, but purchasing sweet potato slips from the store can get EXPENSIVE.
One thing I have realized over my years of gardening is how EASY it is to start your own sweet potato slips and how much money it can save...win/win!!!
Join me today on the podcast and I will share with you how you can do it too!
Free Facebook Community

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Hey Mamas,
If you're looking to cook from home more, but you aren't sure where to start when it comes stocking your pantry, then today's episode is for you!
Join me as I share what I keep in my pantry during the spring/summer to successfully cook quick and healthy meals for my family! 

Monday Apr 15, 2024

Hey Mamas,
If you've been wanting to cook healthy meals for your family, but you're tired of creating a weekly meal plan that you didn't stick to...again....then this episode is for YOU! 
I want to share with you how I create healthy meals at home for my family, without feeling stressed out or overwhelmed with how to keep up with the task of cooking daily.  

Tuesday Apr 09, 2024

Hey Mamas,
If you have a child with food aversions, I KNOW trying to feed them a balanced diet can be so stressful. I have been there, friend.
I know what it's like to stress over whether or not your child is going enough nutrients in their diet, planning out ways to encourage them to eat new foods...only to have the plan fail.
And that's why I want to share this amazing tip with you that I stumbled upon by accident when it comes to growing a garden and encouraging our kids to try more foods (without stress.) These two topics don't sound like they should be related, but TRUST ME....they are!! 

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Hey, friends!
Have you noticed your child struggles to focus? Does it feel like they constantly need to be moving and at times that can interfere with daily activities?
I want to share 4 tips with you that I have found to be helpful in working WITH my children and the way their brains operate so that all of their needs are being met and they are able to focus more. Whether your child has been diagnosed with ADHD or not, these tips are going to offer you some ideas that you can start working on TODAY!

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Hey friends,
If you have a child with SPD, you know the struggles that can come around mealtimes. It can be hard to find ways to encourage your children to try new foods without creating battles around the dinner table.
I have found one EASY tip that has been helping my children to try more vegetables without any stress or pressure from me and I can't wait to share it with you today! 
Do you have a favorite tip for encouraging your children to try new foods? Ashley 

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

Hey friends,
I know as a Mom who has children with disabilities it can be hard at times to feel connected and involved with others. If you've been longing for a community to support you on the parenting journey, but you haven't been sure HOW to find them, then this podcast episode is for you! I am going to share with you why I think homesteading is a great avenue to building community and also shares some simple ideas on how you can start connecting with others in the homesteading community. 


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